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Why is it important ?


To best communicate your message, stand out and attract the right people in our crowded digital world 


Module 1: Identifying your priority social media channels & content style


  • Instagram : - Key features, -high performing content style for fashion & beauty  -looking at viral content  -successful brands and their content style -Identifying when is it the most useful, -Key instagram ideas


  • Tictok: - Key features how to use , - Major trends , - Key content ideas , - Content types for tictok


  • Creating a facebook group: -Why it could help to create community of loyal clients


  •  Pinterest: -How to use pinterest for ideal clients to find you ,- High performing accounts & content types for fashion & beauty brands , -Content types for pinterest


  • Seo & Blog: - Creating a list of your SEO key words, - Where to use your SEO key words, - How to find your blog topics titles to attract traffic , - How to create compelling, value based content for your blog


  • Emails: -Creating compelling emails (different types), -How to create irresistible subject lines, -Email marketing trends, Creating an action plan of social media priorities & your unique content style


Module 2: Creating soulful sales oriented content


  • How to authentically sell your products using video content, stories, reels
  • Key sales boosting tricks
  • Creating a results oriented Ad
  • Setting up the instagram shopping
  • Using influencers to sell your products on social 
  • Using affiliates to sell your products on social 
  • creating contests 
  • Done for you email templates to pitch to influencers
  • Creating editorial blog content 
  • Communicating your sustainable values 


Module 3: Boosting your awareness & creating a community 


  • How to create collaborations with other brands to boost awareness

  • Tips to grow your following on all accounts (tictok, insta, pinterest)

  • Tips to boost your website traffic 

  • Creating a community of ideal clients 

  • How to build your email list 

  • Bringing members to your facebook group 

  • Using your analytics to find your high converting content 


Module 4: Creating your unique content calendar


  • Using the mindful inventions content creation technique to create a content calendar with 1 years worth of content

  • hashtag research & captions guidelines

  • Plug & play hashtags,  captions , canva graphics

  • Finding your messaging & visual style 

  • Finding your content pillars

  • Creating engaging, conversion, inspirational , content

Creating magnetic content for your conscious brand

150,00 złPrice
  • You're an online e-commerce purpose driven fashion / beauty brand looking to build an intentional online community, clearly communicate your value online in a unique way  as well as make sales through your social media content

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